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Skill Acceleration

Posted on May 23, 2022 by linda
Skill Acceleration
Course Description

This four-day course provides an experiential training environment for working and experienced moderators who have not taken RIVA 201. The course focuses on coaching and provides feedback on moderator skills with insights into areas that are working well and those that are not. The course is to help students improve their moderating skills to a higher level.  Additionally, students take away a textbook full of examples and practical tips from actual research projects.

Course Prerequisites:

Must not have taken RIVA 201 and needs written permission from the Executive Director.

After taking this course, graduates will be able to:

• Integrate feedback on their moderating techniques and styles through practice sessions

• Clarify tips and techniques, build rapport with respondents, craft individualized introductory ground rules & guidelines, create questions and probes, improved intervention and projective techniques, adhere to QLMR ethics, etc.

• Improve techniques to organize desired data into a Moderator’s Guide

• Gauge the impact of questions and know how to adjust them to get desired data

• Develop strategies and skills for dealing with “difficult” respondents

• Distinguish their strengths and insights into areas for improvement

• Demonstrate the integration of feedback to run a Focus Group Study

How Students are Assessed:

Students are expected to attend and participate in all modules including: lectures, practice sessions with students, practice sessions with recruited respondents, and open forums. Trainers use in-depth feedback forms to provide students with individualized, targeted written and oral feedback throughout the class. On day four of class, students will have the opportunity to implement all feedback in a session with recruited respondents.